Dishwashers designed for homes cannot be used in commercial settings. A restaurant that operates commercial kitchen needs a dishwasher specially designed for commercial applications. This type of dishwasher can handle a large number of dish cleaning jobs quickly and easily. These machines are designed to handle frequent cleaning jobs. There are commercial dishwashers for cleaning different types of dishes, utensils and glassware. The fast and automatic machines eliminate the need to wash dishes by hand. It helps reduce cost of cleaning supplies. It is an energy efficient method because low amount of energy is used when lots of dishes are cleaned at the same time. Dishwashers for restaurants are available in various designs and handling capacity.

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Undercounter Dishwashers

These space saving machines prove useful in restaurants that are located in prime locations where real estate is at a premium. The dishwashers are designed to handle both low and high temperature cleaning. From the small to large, undercounter dishwashers are available in various sizes and rack configurations. The restaurant owner first needs to determine how much space can be allocated to the undercounter dishwasher. A dishwasher that fits this space and size should be selected.

Glassware Dishwasher

As the name suggests, it is specially designed to clean glassware items. All restaurants use a wide range of glassware products to serve their customers. All these items must look crystal clear before being used to serve any drink or food item. Dishwashers to clean glassware are available in different sizes and rack capacity. The high capacity glassware dishwashers can handle as many as 1200 glasses per hour. This type of dishwasher should be purchased according to the number of glassware that will require cleaning at one time.

Conveyor Dishwashers

These machines are designed to handle heavy duty jobs. The conveyor dishwashers can wash large number of dishes in a very short period of time. These products are suitable for high volume operations. There are many features and functions that make these products very useful for restaurant owners. The machine uses only the required amount of temperature and can operate at both low and high temperature as set by the user. It uses efficient chemical sanitation function. The tank heater can be operated by electricity or gas. It is important to buy a conveyor dishwasher that has high energy star rating.

Door Dishwashers

These dishwashers are available in both single and double rack system. The machine can handle both high and low temperature cleaning. There are 30-80 rack door dishwashers. Even 3-door dishwasher design is available.

Dishwashers designed for the restaurants and hotels can handle high output jobs. With some units like a passthrough dishwasher, a table system can be attached to allow faster loading and unloading of dish baskets. A commercial dishwasher should be purchase after taking into account the number of dishes that require cleaning every hour. A machine that can handle that many dishes is perfect for the job. The size, shape, features, functions, energy efficiency, water efficiency and detergent efficiency of the machine should be evaluated. It helps buy a dishwasher that is perfect for the job.